Vision and Mission Statement OUR COMMITMENT

The Club’s Vision and Mission statements, together with our Values, guide our members, board, committees, management team and staff in all of our decision making.


We will be THE choice for a member-focused golf & country club experience in the Central Okanagan.


To provide excellence in the golf & country club experience through a commitment to member satisfaction, and by fostering a positive, inclusive culture through adherence to the following Core Values

FELLOWSHIP – We encourage, assist and foster respect and positive relationships amongst our members, employees, guests and community.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT – We look for opportunities to improve:

  • The golf & country club experience for our members
  • The workplace experience for our employees
  • Our golf course and associated facilities
  • Policies, Procedures and Practices

ENVIRONMENTAL SENSITIVITY – We evaluate improvement opportunities for possible integration or replacement of current practices in an effort to minimize our impact on the environment.

FINANCIAL SUSTAINABILITY - Through strategic, adaptive and flexible programs we safeguard our assets including our brand in order to ensure the long-term financial wellbeing of our Club. We strive to maintain the overall value of membership to be competitive in retaining existing members and attracting new members.

COMMUNICATION – We provide opportunities for and encourage open and honest communications between our leadership (Board of Directors & Management) and our membership, as well as between our Management and the Employees.

Come to see us through the off season!Open Tuesday thru Friday(Breakfast & Lunch) and added Dinner on Friday

We provide excellence in the Golf & Country Club experience through our commitment to fellowship, continuous improvement, environmental sensitivity, financial sustainability and communication.

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