Local Rules Governed by rules of the RCGA

Play is governed by the Rules of the Royal Canadian Golf Associate and following Supplementary Local Rules.

Out of Bounds

Defined by the inside edge of white stakes and/or the inside edge of the perimeter chain link fence posts. The tennis courts are Out of Bounds (defined by the inside edge of the chain link fence posts). The parking lot is Out of Bounds (defined by the inside edge of curb and white stakes and /or white line and/or mark on pavement). NEW: The left side of Hole 6 (along the rock face and shale) is marked as out of bounds. Rule 27


The pumphouse, maintenance area and buildings on #12, roadways and cartpaths are to be played as obstructions. Relief is permitted. Rule 24.2

Lateral Water Hazards

Defined by red stakes and/or red lines. Note: determine the point where the ball last crossed the margin of the hazard. Proceed under Rule 26.1

All Cultivated Flower Beds 

All Cultivated Flower Beds and cultivated low-lying shrub beds are deemed to be ground under repair. Relief is permitted. Rule 25.1b,  Note: No Relief from low lying cedar shrubs.

Cemetery Road

Cemetery Road left of #7, roadway is in play with no relief. Out of bounds is defined by the inside edge of the cemetery fence line.

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